Industry & Growth

The industry movement to incorporate AI into traditional business intelligence solutions and inside of applications is accelerating. AI enhances traditional analytics and solutions with machine learning algorithms to solve line-of-business analytics, as well as by processing data through deep learning, helping to solve some of society's biggest challenges.

Microsoft Approach

Microsoft’s AI solution combines an agile and productive AI Platform designed for rapid development, connecting to comprehensive Data solutions found on premises, the cloud, and the edge, and backed by enterprise-proven security, privacy and reliability. The focus is on enabling people by providing the tools, technologies and platforms to create intelligent solutions everywhere.

Partner Opportunity

Every organization is looking to AI to solve their business problems and provide future opportunities. As a result, incorporating AI into everyday solutions is increasing at an exponential rate.

More so now than ever, Microsoft needs to leverage its growing AI partner base to keep up with these technology changes, and work together to reach our collective customers. In parallel, Microsoft partners continue to see a growth in customer requirements to add AI into their solutions. This increased technical demand is driving partners’ desire to be more closely connected to the manufacturer of the AI tools.

Connect with Us

To learn more about Microsoft's AI tools and keep updated with our evolving technology, let us know your AI areas of interest and we’ll send you technical resources and guided learning paths in those specific technology areas.

Stay connected to Microsoft AI

For partners, digital agencies, or current AI Training Partners with an established AI practice and an aspiration to deepen their relationship with Microsoft around AI, Microsoft has launched an exclusive AI Inner Circle Partner Program. This program recognizes partner expertise in specific industries and their ability to drive business transformation using the power of AI and data by providing its members exclusive Microsoft services, tools, and resources.

Learn more about the Inner Circle Partner Program