AI Inner Circle Partner Program

Transform businesses with the power of Microsoft AI and data

About the Program

The AI Inner Circle Partner program is designed for partners who provide custom services or enhanced AI product solutions utilizing Microsoft AI technologies. This program recognizes a partner's unique expertise in specific industries and their ability to drive business transformation using the power of AI and data. AI Inner Circle partners champion Microsoft AI technologies and deliver cutting edge AI solutions for customers.

Inner Circle

Partners receive access to exclusive benefits, including access to the AI Inner Circle Portal, regular communications on specific AI topics, and additional technical and business benefits. All AI Inner Circle Partners have technical expertise in Microsoft AI tools and a proven track record of customer success.

Partner Benefits

AI Inner Circle Partners will receive exclusive access to Microsoft AI resources, including technical trainings, product and marketing tools and assets.


Regular communication on the AI topics you’re most interested in.

  • AI partner newsletter
  • Technical & business announcements & upcoming events
  • New resources & opportunities


From learning plans and webinars to online training and events — we want to enable you to become a world-class AI solution provider

  • Technical & Business Webinars
  • Invitations to other AI-related training from Microsoft
  • Quarterly Scenario Best Practices Reviews and Product Roadmap updates

Sales and Marketing

Resources, programs, and offers that enable business growth by expanding your AI customer base

  • Partner-usable Sales and Marketing Resources & Materials for AI
  • Participation in marketing and sales programs
  • Joint case study opportunities


Enhance your relationship with Microsoft through invitation-only events and early technology previews

  • Opportunities for interaction with the Microsoft Engineering team
  • Early adopter preview programs

Program Requirements

Partners interested in joining the AI Inner Circle Partner Program will need to complete the following requirements prior to admittance into the program. While not mandatory, to best demonstrate mastery in a specific AI technology area please make sure your AI solutions selected and customer stories all support the same technology area.

Company Profile

Tell us about your company, its expertise, and areas of service so that we can better understand your practice.

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Completing the company profile

Your company profile lets us know more about your business and which geographies you offer your services. This also allows us to better understand what AI services you provide, and the AI solution areas in which you have established a practice.

  • Name, email, company information. The name and email address provided should be for the contact person to receive all communications related to the Inner Circle Partner Program. This person will own the log-in credentials to the portal and enable other users in the organization to have access to the portal's resources.
  • Geographical coverage. This includes all countries in which your company operates or delivers customer engagements worldwide. Please indicate all areas that apply.
  • Business model. Please let us know your company’s business model by identifying whether you operate as a Systems Integrator (SI), Independent Software Vendor (ISV), or 'Other'.
  • AI solution(s) currently being delivered. The application requires that you select all solution areas in which you have delivered a customer engagement over the previous twelve (12) months.

Customer Wins

Provide three verified customer wins utilizing AI that demonstrate your company's expertise in the field

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Providing verification of customer success

To achieve full membership, your company is required to have delivered customer projects in the AI solution area(s) selected in the company profile. Please note that if multiple AI technology areas were selected in your company profile, the customer success stories should demonstrate your work in those areas.

  • Minimum of one to three Customer Wins (to be supplied by Partner) based on your membership type. For each customer win story submitted, the application will require you to provide a 100-word description (or less) for each field below:
    • Customer challenge
    • Solution provided
    • Impact of solution provided
    • Technologies used
    • Customer name and contact information
    If you do not have at least one story ready for submission, you will be able to save your work-in-progress to complete at a later time. However, do not click Submit until all your content is ready. Please note that customer verification of your story is a strict requirement for consideration into this program and cannot be waived. Due to customer sensitivities and potential NDAs on work delivered, all content exchanged in this process will remain confidential to Microsoft and will not be used for any purpose other than qualifying the applying partner for the AI Inner Circle Partner Program. Should Microsoft have interest in pursuing other uses for a story – such as a published case study – the partner will be contacted prior to any action being taken.
  • RESTRICTIONS. Please note the following restrictions on the customer story that you submit:
    • Internal stories do not qualify
    • Each story must be from a different customer company
    • For partners delivering solutions through resellers and cannot supply end-customer references, different resellers may be used in lieu of customers
    • Solutions delivered must be a full and complete solution. Beta previews, proof-of-concepts, or in-progress projects do not qualify
  • Satisfaction verification (to be supplied by Customer). After submitting your customer story in the application, Microsoft will contact the customer for verification. The content you provide in this section of the application will be placed exactly as-is into the email request sent to the customer, so please make sure to thoroughly review all of your inputs and ensure they are customer appropriate prior to clicking the Submit button. While the customer will only need to verify delivery of services by clicking 'Yes' or 'No', they will also be given the option of contacting us directly to provide additional feedback on their engagement experience.

Membership Overview

Commitments Benefits
  • Personnel development commitment
  • Active community participation
  • Three Azure AI solutions or offers
  • Three customer stories or case studies
  • Promote Microsoft AI technology
  • Online recorded content
  • Online live content
  • Technology roadmaps
  • Invitations to other AI initiatives
  • Active pilots
  • AI private previews
  • Publish inclusion on partner web site

Microsoft Partner

Confirm an existing relationship with Microsoft through the Microsoft Partner Network

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Confirming existing relationship with Microsoft

In order to access certain programs and offerings, you will need to have an established relationship with Microsoft through the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

  • MPN Partner ID. Please have your ID number ready when completing your application.
  • Gold or Silver competency. Though not required for admittance into the AI Inner Circle Partner Program, certain benefits will require a competency for access.

If you are not currently a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, please learn more about how to join for free here.

Program Agreement

Review and agree to the terms of the AI Inner Circle Partner Program Agreement

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Reviewing and agreeing to the terms of the Program Agreement

The AI Inner Circle Partner Program requires you to abide by the terms and conditions of the AI Inner Circle Partner Program Agreement. Please review the agreement and check the box in agreement when submitting this section of your application.

Please note that admittance into the program cannot be confirmed until you have completed all the requirements in the application. While this admittance is also dependent on how quickly your customer is able to provide verification, we ask for approximately one business week to review your application.

Important: Microsoft reserves the right to decline admission based on information provided by the Partner, feedback provided by the customer, and/or other sources.

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